Sodalite Tumblestone
Sodalite Tumblestone
Sodalite Tumblestone

Sodalite Tumblestone

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Chakras: Throat & 3rd eye
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Planet: Venus
Element: Wind
Number: 4

The ancient Greeks considered Sodalite the stone of artists and singers as it opened the mind and allowed creativity to come forth.

This stone helps to bring people together with a message or words for a higher purpose.

Sodalite is a stone for calming and balancing overactive emotions, it also helps release frustration and anger; especially hormonal issues.

Sodalite transmits a clear feeling of who you are and it helps one avoid unconscious behavioral patterns. Sodalite dissolves feelings of guilt and makes it possible to stand up for yourself. Sodalite brings back the purpose into your life.

Sodalite is also a good study aid when learning something new, it helps one maintain focus and not be scattered in one's thinking.Sodalite also increases a person's yearning for freedom and doing what is right and leaving restrictive ideas and dogmas behind.

Sodalite is a grounding stone that also helps one channel inspiration and or spiritual/metaphysical writings. It helps you focus on your 3rd eye chakra which allows you to open to psychic gifts. it has also been used to communicate with angels.

This is the stone that helps you to be or remain true to yourself without any of the judging that can occur.

Sodalite unites intuition and logic and encourages self confidence.

Sodalite Tumblestone