Smudge Seed Collection
Smudge Seed Collection
Smudge Seed Collection

Smudge Seed Collection

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Smudge Seed Collection - keep your sacred space or work/living area
clear of low vibes and dissolve any negativity that may be hanging
around. There are multiple uses for these following herbs: here are a
few magical and holistic benefits.

Lavender – Not only clears any negativity but it also inspires psychic
activity, and dream recall. E.g. Clear your space by smudging with
lavender before reading any oracle or tarot cards. You can also smudge
your cards!

You can burn the stalks of lavender like an incense stick or the dried
herbs on a charcoal brick, or place sum fresh flowers in your oil

Mugwort – Not only clears any negativity but amplifies psychic vision
and may assist in prophetic dreams. Cleanse yourself/aura in the smoke
of mugwort. Mugwort also assists in astral travel and visualisations.
Give your affirmations an extra punch! Mugwort can also be used for
clearing your crystals when wanting to go deep in mediation with

Sage – is the powerhouse in many indigenous traditions for clearing
spaces but purifying the body. Sage is the one to burn if an argument
has taken place and you want to shift the energy quickly and purify.

Sage is also used for wisdom, protection and granting of wishes. It
also assists those who are in mourning. Many people smudge their auras
before going into any rituals or meditations, with Sage or a
combination of herbs.

Rosemary – is the herb to use to ward off evil spirits or intentions
that may have come your way. Rosemary purifies spaces but also
attracts the faeries and bees into your garden.  It can be used in
spells for fidelity, remembrance and to dispel jealousy.

Smudging your children after an argument at school will clear the air
and place their mind in a more positive place. Burn as an incense for
mediation or doing past life work. Place rosemary either fresh or
dried under your pillow to keep bad dreams at bay and remember the
good dreams. In ancient times people would carry a fresh piece to keep
plague/sickness at bay.

Thyme – smudge or use fresh flowers and leaves in a pouch to attract
strength and courage.

Also burn Thyme to drive away sickness or sadness. Also great for
attaining a positive attitude and goals that may seem un-achievable.
Fairies and bees are attracted to the flowers of thyme. Sachets of
thyme hung in your closet keeps the moths out. Use in a floor wash to

All smudge seed collection has a total of 5 seed varieties. (Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Mugwort and Sage)

All seeds are Heirloom, open pollinated, non-hybrid and non GMO seeds with no chemical treatments.

Smudge Seed Collection