Purple Fluorite & Sugilite Bracelet

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Our new crystal bracelets are handmade with copper and a magnetic clasp. This means they are stronger, non stretchy, comfortable for all wrists and super easy to put on yourself. No need to have to worry about water or chemicals that snap and weaken the stretchy bands of common crystal bracelets. These are perfect on their own or layering with other jewellery.

Purple Fluorite is connected to our 3rd eye chakra and is known as the genius stone. Purple Fluorite absorbs and neutralises negative energy, increases powers of concentration and self confidence. Helps one to work through complex information. Fluorite can encourage both hemispheres of the brain to work in balance. It is great for focused meditation and boosts psychic gifts. Fluorite is also known as a dream crystal as it can defend of evil and spirits in bad dreams.

Sugilite is connected to our heart and crown chakra. It encourages forgiveness of oneself and others. Instills confidence and helps others remember when they incarnated. Brings love and light into dark situations & offers hope and freedom. Sugilite is a joyful stone for those who never fit in, for light workers, star seeds and who are finding it difficult to adjust to earths energy. Sugilite is a great companion to highly sensitive people who take on others energies around them. It can help children feel safe, centered, boosts confidence and eases socials situations. Sugilite is good for resolving inner hurt or rejection. It is also excellent for spiritual quests, protects the soul and enhances psychic gifts.