Peach Moonstone Towers
Peach Moonstone Towers
Peach Moonstone Towers

Peach Moonstone Towers

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Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart, 3rd Eye, & Crown

Planet: Moon

Zodiacs: Scorpio, Libra & Cancer

Elements: Wind & Water

Number: 4.

Peach moonstone shares the same feminine energies as regular moonstone but offers an extra connection between the heart and solar plexus. It is also a stone for creatives and for developing love. It is a stone of introspection but helps you connect with what makes you happy in the outside world.

Self love emanates from this stone and will help you reconnect to things you once loved but may have forgotten or passed by due to the hectic nature of life.

Peach moonstone also helps you get in touch with your inner self and intuition, and will assist in manifestation.

Moon stone in general is a stone of love, so it can help draw love to you in a manifestation ritual that you create using this stone. It assists in clearing the aura and activating the chakra column. Moonstone works directly with the 3rd Eye and Crown and can aid clairvoyance and activates the kundalini in females. For males it helps with emotional balance, encouraging more of the feminine side and helps elevate non linear thinking. It encourages the brain hemispheres to balance and to seek more internally. This helps men to see another perspective and to reflect on their feelings.

Moonstone is directly related to the moon and works well in any moon ritual. it is also a powerful stone to use in divinitory purposes. Each moon cycle helps us go within and examine our life and our development. Moonstone allows us to know when it is the right time to harvest our creations.

Small: Approx 150grams & 9cm tall

Large: Approx 325grams & 12.5cm tall

Peach Moonstone Towers