Organic Pink Rose Buds

Organic Pink Rose Buds

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Rose Buds

Element: Water

Planet: Venus

Rose buds are a mildly sedative antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Rose buds are a very rich source of vitamin A, C and E. Which helps hydrate and tighten the skin. Rose buds make a delicious herbal tea and a ideal home cure for various skin conditions including acne, dry skin, bruises and even some wounds.

Dried rose buds can be used in teas, room sprays, bath salts, ritual work, soaps, candle making and in a wide range of many other activities or creations.

Roses can also be used in attraction and romance spells or even affirmations. Other uses consist of adding them to a sleep satchel to promote sweet dreams. Use in spells to offer healing (esp. the heart). Make rose mists to make a space in your home vibrate higher. Make a rose tea for self-love; use the petals to cast circles, use as natural confetti for celebrations including weddings.

Colour magic of roses:

White – connected with Yin – the feminine side. White roses are used for empowering ones spiritual gifts.

Pink – unification of the Yin and Yang, used to amplify our inner magic and beauty, while helping to heal emotional scars.

Orange – used in success and increasing potential, also to remove obstacles.

Yellow – to increase luck and abundance.

Purple – when a situation is uncertain and security is needed.

Red – used to empower and inspire. Love potions and rituals to uplift ones spirit. Red roses are good luck and bring upliftment to homes occupants.

*Please note do not eat roses from a florist or similar, these commercially grown flowers are full of chemicals. All Shy and Sky Studios dried herbs and flowers are home grown and certified organic.*

*The information provided on this page is provided for general information only. It does not construe professional or expert advice. If you are a patient please seek medical advice from your doctor.*