Moss Agate Tower
Moss Agate Tower

Moss Agate Tower

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Chakras - Heart chakra
Zodiac - Virgo
Planet - Moon
Element - Earth

Moss agate is known as the stone of new beginnings. It is able to refresh the soul and enables you to see the beauty in you. Moss agate can help to reduce sensitivity to the environment such as weather and pollutants. Moss agate can attract abundance, wealth and improves self esteem. It is a great stone for getting along and connecting to others while also rids the brain of fog and lack of inspiration. Moss agate helps you to feel good in your own skin and comfortable with being unique, it can bring in trust and hope while helping to eliminate depression.

Other medical uses are it can help to speed up recovery from illness and is great as a anti-inflammatory. It can cleanse the circulatory systems and boost your immune. Moss agate has also been known to assist midwives by lessening pain and ensuring a safe delivery.

Please note the tower you will receive will be the one displayed in the images. Moss agate tower is approx 10.5cm tall and 152grams.