Lepidolite Towers
Lepidolite Towers

Lepidolite Towers

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Lepidolite or AKA purple Mica

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Third Eye and Crown

Planets: Jupiter & Neptune

Zodiacs: Libra & Pisces

Elements: Water & Storm

Number: 8.

Lepidolite is the go to stone for stress and anxiety. It also helps one to accept oneself and life's situation. It settles the emotional body and can calm racing thoughts by placing on your forehead, while laying down. It also helps in aiding your integrity when dealing with angry people, loss of job or relationship. It is the perfect stone when one is going through big life changes.

The aura of Lepidolite branches out in many directions which makes it an incredible asset in learning new things, it's also helpful to those who feel clumsy or are self conscious in a physical way.

It makes a great gift for one who is depressed as it allows one to dive into the sorrow and understand it, then resist and continue to suffer.

Lepidolite is also a great ally in dream work or for those who are suffering from nightmares.  Lepidolite stimulates all the chakras especially  the Heart and the Third eye, allowing one to raise their vibration so that one can link with the celestial realms.

 Lepidolite is also a stone which releases fears of an unknown future and helps bolster one's inner self confidence; it also helps one release one from past negative attachments so that healing can commence.

Lepidolite also helps attract opportunities for success and one's soul tribe.

Please note each tower will be intuitively chosen.

Approx 9.5 - 10cm tall