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Element: Air

Planet: Mercury

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Lavender is a herb, the flower and the oil are commonly used for anxiety, stress and insomnia. It can also assist symptoms of depression, dementia and mild pain.

Lavender flowers and leaves can be eaten in sweet and savory recipes. It has been associated with love and used in wedding cakes.

Tip: Use in sachets under your pillow to enhance relaxation dreams and sleep.

Magical attributes: Lavender has been used for clairvoyance, cleansing and happiness.

You can use lavender for healing, love, peace of mind, tranquillity, spirituality, chastity, dreams, grieving, harmony, meditation and sleep.

Tip: Lavender water is used to sprinkle or mist to purify rooms for ritual work, or to clear negative vibes.

Dried lavender sticks can be used like an incense stick. Lavender can also be used in spells or affirmation work to sharpen the mind, or to encourage love and fertility.

Caution:Lavender oil is particularly potent and should be used carefully by pregnant women or nursing mothers.

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