Larvikite Towers
Larvikite Towers
Larvikite Towers

Larvikite Towers

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Larvikite AKA Black Norwegian Moonstone

Keywords: Planet Neptune

Zodiac: Cancer & Aquarius

Element: Water & Earth

Number: 6

Chakras: Root and 3rd eye.

Larvikite is a stone of inner transformation that helps one adapt to change. To also accept change and its benefits. larvikite assists one to weather the storm through stressful situations. Lavikite is known to help a person go on - autopilot while dealing with a crisis, so they can get the job done. it also helps people to stop worrying. Larvikite protects one's spiritual and physical body. Larvikite will help one to focus on the positives. larvikite is also helpful to quicken the mind, to bring wonder back and help build up creativity in one's life. Commonly used in meditation to activate inner visions, it will help still the thoughts while you focus on your goals.

Larvikite is beneficial in learning and developing intuition and magical abilities. it has been used with journeying, visualising, divination, spell work, past life and soul work. larvikite is a deeply elemental stone and is strongly suitable for elemental magic or offerings.

Also a  stone used during astral travel and promoting clarity to visions. Larkvite teaches patience and gives support when closure is needed.

Larvikite helps those who feel disconnected from nature, wearing it outside will help those connect who may have been feeling housebound. it assists in accepting divine timing and attunes us to the natural cycles of life.

Please note size goes by weight not height

Small approx 80 - 110grams

Medium Approx 130 - 150gram

Large approx 170 - 200grams