Raw Kyanite Blade

Raw Kyanite Blade

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Vivid dreams | Channeling | Visualisation | Loyalty | Honesty  

Zodiac -Aries, Taurus & Libra   
Element - Air 
Vibration - Number 4 
Typical colours - Blue, grey, black, green  
Kyanite is an excellent crystal for meditation as it has a calming effect to your whole being. It aligns all chakras and brings in tranquillity.  It dispels blockages by gently moving energy throughout the entire body with the balance of its yin-yang energy.  

Kyanite has been known to encourage psychic abilities and help aid with all types of communication. It can dispel negativity, anger, frustration, confusion and stress. It will also not absorb negative vibrations; therefore, it will never require cleansing or clearing. 

Kyanite is a very stimulating energy which can support one when connecting to spirit guides. It can help with recalling dreams and promote healing.