Kitchen Herb Collection

Kitchen Herb Collection

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Sustainable, Eco-friendly, bee friendly, low maintenance, culinary,
holistic, affordable, long lasting, rental friendly, Investment,
indoor or outdoor, customise, fresh or dry, store and preserve, no
more supermarket herbs that die.

Basil – is a culinary herb which has a rich aroma. Its magical
attributes are used for happiness, love, peace and money. It is also
known to assist in the steadying of the mind and protects against
insanity. Carrying a leaf or placing in your cash register will
attract money. Another use is soaking basil in water for 3 days, then
sprinkle over your threshold of your business to bring in customers
and keep thieves away. To give this wash  an extra oomph place a
citrine crystal in the soaking to charge the water and herb with
positivity and abundance. Or, place a pinch of dried herb in each
corner of your home and or business for protection.

Dill – is a culinary herb which has been used traditionally with fish
and or pickles. Magically dill is used for attracting money, luck,
romance and breaking jinxes. It is also good for dispelling bad
dreams, place a sachet under your bed with the dried herb. Also hang
the fresh herb in doorways to promote protection. For attracting
romance place the seeds or fresh dill under your shower head, or in a
bath, this makes you more irresistible. Say a chant, affirmation or
spell while breathing in the fumes to add to your attraction.

Italian parsley – is a culinary herb used throughout the world. In
ancient Greece, wreaths of parsley decorated gravestones to keep evil
at bay and offer protection. It is also used to end misfortune. Take a
bath with parsley and a tablespoon of honey, with a prayer of your own
making or affirmation to turn the tides of luck around to your favour.
Make sure to cover your head with the water five times, while chanting
your words of self-love and luck. Parsley can also be grown as a
protective ward on the edges of your property.

Oregano – is a culinary herb with a warm aromatic flavour, a natural
partner to Basil and tomatoes. It is also used in spells for
happiness, tranquillity, luck, health and protection. Place in a
sachet under your pillow it will promote psychic dreams, just remember
to ask before you fall asleep to remember on waking. Oregano is a
symbol of joy, make wreaths for luck for a newly married couple. It
can also be used in spells or affirmations to dispel sadness and
letting go.

Chives – is a culinary herb which is delicate, aromatic, and has a
mild onion flavour with a hint of garlic. A great partner to the
humble potato or dip. Chives have properties for a natural insect
repellent so you can plant rows of this beside veggies and fruits and
the bugs will stay away.  Magically the herb can be used for banishing
spells, breaking bad habits, dispel sadness, weight loss and ward off
disease. Hanging the fresh leaves and flowers in your house ward off
evil spirits and the mischievous fairy folk.

Coriander – is a pungent culinary herb. It has been used magically for
love and healing spells. The seeds can be carried and useful in easing
headaches. Add the powered seeds to a warm potion for an effective
lust potion. Also a great addition at weddings. Use in love sachets
with rose quartz to invite peace, love or settling a broken heart. The
aroma of coriander is uplifting and eases anxiety, burn the dried herb
on a charcoal brick or make your own incense.  Or, by eating more
coriander it apparently connects all 7 chakras to align with healing.