Fire Quartz Sphere
Fire Quartz Sphere

Fire Quartz Sphere

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Chakras: Crown, Heart, Sacral & Root.
Zodiacs: Aries, Scorpio & Aquarius.
Number: 7.

Fire Quartz (AKA Harlequin Quartz) is a combination of quartz and hematite and some goethite this combination is great for self esteem, removes negativity, balances body, mind and spirit.
Fire quartz helps you to understand why you do something so you don't do things just out of habit. A great stone to assist with breaking addictions, it grounds while it calms anxieties and hysterical behaviors. This stone helps heal old wounds while boosting self worth. Fire Quartz energises our etheric body and kundalini while balancing our yin-yang energies. It is also a tool to assist with past life recall within meditation journeys.

Left: 177grams & 5cm

Right: 129grams & 4.5cm

Both have beautiful rainbows.

Sphere stands are not included but can be found on our website.