Citrine Tumblestone

Citrine Tumblestone

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Chakras: 3rd Eye, Solar Plexus, Sacral & Root
Planets: Sun
Element: Fire
Zodiacs: Aries, Gemini, Leo & Libra
Number: 6

Citrine is primarily connected with the sacral chakra which is known for its ability to manifest and create, whether a business, new project or an object of art. This flow of solar light enhances will power and brings forward the imagination towards the future. Citrine pushes us forward and removes stuck energy in the solar plexus. Creation energy begins in the lower 3 chakras and citrine ignites this energy towards the imagination which is the start for any type of manifestation or creativity. Citrine also builds up personal will power to see through these new projects you aspire to complete. It brings the colour of the sun to bring warmth and joy which transmutes negative energy to positive vibrations. Citrine has been known from the ancients as the merchants stone. Placing a stone in your wallet, money box or vault will protect your valuables and draw more wealth and prosperity. Citrine is also a crystal of sharing and generosity.

Please note these citrine tumblestones are heat treated.

All citrine tumblestones will be intuitively chosen,