Childrens Dumoterite, Hematite & Blue Adventurine Bracelet

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Our new crystal bracelets are handmade with copper and a lobster claw clasp. This means they are stronger, non stretchy, comfortable for all wrists. No need to have to worry about water or chemicals that snap and weaken the stretchy bands of common crystal bracelets. These are perfect on their own or layering with other jewellery. These are great to help assist children who may need extra assistance at school or in public spaces.

Dumoterite is connected to the throat chakra. It has been known to help with bullying, autism & self expression. Dumoterite brings patience and calm in difficult situations and stimulates the ability to verbalise ideas. It can teach you to stand up for yourself and take control of your life. Dumoterite can stimulate the intellectual abilities especially with math and language. It can help amplify psychic gifts and assists in study retention.

Blue Adventurine is connected to our 3rd eye and throat chakra. It opens one to higher spiritual guidance and reveling psychic & intuitive gifts, that may have been blocked. It encourages one to speak ones mind and be heard while easing hyperactivity and assists in concentration. Blue Adventurine is good for removing bad habits and activating chakras. Bad habits can include alcohol, drug taking, smoking ans even selfishness, passive aggression and over reaction. While blue adventurine is also good for leadership and organisational abilities. It gets rid of fear and hesitation and can assist in hormonal imbalances and said to assist to help women conceive.

Hematite is an amazing stone for grounding and calming an overactive mind, while it puts your spirit at ease so you can release any feelings of stress, tension, worry, or nervousness. The stabilising effect of the hematite makes it a beautiful companion to keep by your side everywhere you go.

Dumoterite 8mm beads

Hematite & Blue Adventurine 6mm beads.