Blue Calcite Tower 2

Blue Calcite Tower 2

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Blue Calcite is the crystal for emotional support. It's light dreamy blue hues bring peace to yourself and your surroundings. Blue calcite is linked closely to our cancer signs in the zodiac. Cancers are well known for there very high intuition. Blue calcite is the same, it enhances ones intuition and physic abilities. Inspiring one to calm the mind, it is a great crystal to keep around in high times of stress or even in stressful environments.

Blue calcite is a perfect companion to have apart of your self care rituals. Keep by your bath or even take on holidays. It has been said to help heal and strengthen relationships by getting rid of negative energy and clearing communication blocks.

If you have a child who suffers from sensory issues or can get quite anxious easily. Blue calcite is a great crystal to give to them to keep with them or take with them when they may need it. Blue calcite is also an amazing crystal to help one learn so it is a perfect crystal for children of all ages.

Blue Calcite tower is approx 9.5cm tall & 181grams.