Aura Flower Agate

Aura Flower Agate

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Chakras: Heart & Root.

Planets: Venus & Earth

Zodiac: Virgo

Element: Earth

Number: 7

Flower Agate helps us reach our highest potential, through manifestation from seed to blossom,, it helps us in protecting us from fears and self-doubt. Flower Agate inspires us to  nurture our dreams. Its energy ignites a passion to pursue dreams and live life to the fullest.

It’s the perfect stone for entrepreneurs or small business owners who are continually bringing projects into reality.

Aura is a coating of  precious metals such as titanium and gold that is placed over the crystal artificially enhanced by modern techniques but this synthesises the ancient powers of alchemy and synergy by electrostatically bonding precious metals from the earth onto the surface and a new unified colour is created that intensifies the properties of the original elements and emanating a unique energy of its own. This is a very new method and I would luv to hear your experiences with this combination. it will definitely enhance the properties of the stone it is bonded to.

Small: 6.5 - 7cm tall

Large: 8 - 10cm tall