Apophyllite & Stilbite - G
Apophyllite & Stilbite - G

Apophyllite & Stilbite - G

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Apophyllite - A crystal that will raise your vibrations.

Apophyllite has been known to stimulate your pineal gland and help you with spiritual awakening. It is also known to help heal the soul on a deep spiritual level. Apophyllite is great to keep near you if you suffer from anxiety or depression as it can help aid and balance your feelings and emotions.

Apophyllite has been used along side astral travel

Apophyllite is a stone that will lighten the energy in any space. Place in the center of the room were you're to rest and it will lighten and sooth the entire room.

Stilbite - A beautiful crystal to bring you together as one.

Together as one within yourself and with your children.
If you're trying to pursue psychic abilities, stilbite can guide your subconscious mind to open up to the higher realms.Explore deep insight, and intuitive thoughts can be accessed.

Stillbite can be placed on your child's bedside if your reading bed time stories. This will gather all the loving energies together and can also help your child with sleep & keep nightmares at bay.

When teamed together with other crystals like Apophyllite it amplifies its energies and has increased healing powers.