Angel Aura Heart
Angel Aura Heart

Angel Aura Heart

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Chakras: Etheric & Crown

Planets: Moon & Sun

Zodiacs: Aries

Elements: Wind

Numbers: 33 & 66.

Angel Aura Quartz is a divination stone, a stone that honors several Goddesses of the night, One that brings metal energy to a room/location. This crystal can assist in finding new life paths and in developing  new approaches towards goals. Angel Aura Quartz helps to obtain your dreams.

Angel Aura works like a mirror to one's soul. it points your hopes into the universe so one can manifest hopes and dreams. The crystal will help open up the crown chakra so that one can connect with angelic realms. This crystal will assist one to clear up and evaluate one's life's dreams and keep them on track. Angel Aura Quartz is an extremely high vibrational stone that fills the environment with joy. A great addition to one's collection or as a gift as it assists those feeling unstable or vulnerable, and will bring back serenity to PTSD survivors. This high vibrational stone will also help one on their soul journey with inter dimensional communication, transformation and new beginnings. Definitely a stone for the times of the Ascension.


  • Great for purifying and balancing chakras & opening heart chakra
  • Opens up energy blocks
  • Stone of manifestation
  • Powerful crystal and tool to connect with other
  • Mind clarity

Angel Aura Quartz heart is approx 100grams and 6.5 x 6cms