Amethyst Geode
Amethyst Geode
Amethyst Geode

Amethyst Geode

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Protection | Purification | Spirituality

Element: Air
Chakra: Crown & Throat
Zodiac Signs: Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius & Capricorn

Amethyst is a well known popular choice for its beautiful shades of purple.
Amethyst is known as all round healing stone but not just for people, amethyst can also assist with animals and even your luscious plants.
Amethyst is great to help assist with headaches/migraines and calling in all kinds of love.
Amethyst is much more than its glorious aesthetic, it also packs a positive punch with its well known high vibrations to help aid and relieve stress, sooth irritability, balance mood swings of all kinds and can also help with anxiety, sadness, grief and depression.

Magical uses: Amethyst can help with spiritual protection, cleansing your aura and energy field of all negative influences and attachments. It can also help with creating a shield of protective white light around the body.

Amethyst Cluster is approx 538 grams & 9.7cm tall x 6cm wide

This Amethyst geode is absolutely gorgeous. It sparkles in all directions.

Amethyst Geode