Candle Love & Care

Candle Storage

Soy candles can be very sensitive to temperature and light. It is highly recommended to place your candles in a dark, dry and cool area away from direct sunlight and fluorescent lights. Make sure you store your candles in and up right position and do not leave candles in hot places. E.g. cars, windowsills etc.

Wick trimming

Trimming your wick before relighting your candle may not be necessary with a 100% cotton wick, they do tend to self trim. If you do find your wick with a mushroom top, go ahead and trim the wick which is going to make sure of a nice even burn. The mushroom top can show that you may have had the candle burning longer than the recommended burning time. Before re lighting a wooden wick use your fingers to carefully remove the top burnt wick area. Do not force or pull on the wick, the debris will pull or fall off gently just by your fingertips.

Avoid draughts or uneven surfaces

Candles burn best in a still aired environment. If you do have a slight draught be sure to keep an eye on your candle and rotate if needed to help for an even burn. Also to make sure it dose not start to smoke.

Creating candle displays

When creating a candle display, be mindful to keep two candles burning approximately 10cm away of each other. If candles are placed to close together this can effect the burn time of both candles, and can cause candles to collapse.

Putting your candle out

It is recommended to use a candle snuffer to put your candle out. This is to prevent wax splatter from blowing and to also ensure the wick is completing out. If you blow a candle out there is still a chance the wick can be alight and burning which causes smoke.

Wax pool fire

A wax pool fire can occur if a piece of wick has fallen off into the wax pool area and re caught alight. It is recommended to either blow the candle out, use a fire blanket or a fire extinguisher to put the fire out safely. DO NOT  handle, touch or throw cold water onto the candle as this can result in a candle "explosion". This is due to the cold water suddenly creating steam on contact with hot wax.

General Safety

It is recommenced to keep your candles in a safe environment at all times. Do not have a candle lit where there is a draft, open window or on top of an uneven surface. You also must NEVER leave a candle unattended. Be sure not to place a candle or naked flame near anything that is flammable. e.g a curtain or near your bed on your bedside.