About S|S

The S|S Studios journey started back in 2016 with a love for low toxic living and a creative flare. I seen the potential to finally start living the dream of creating products for customers, and having people connect with our story.

S|S strives to be a business which only uses Eco-friendly and sustainable products.

I strive to be different with all of our creations being made from 100% organic and natural products. All botanical products are home grown or sourced from other small businesses which are certified organic. I thrive to create products that are for your higher self, and in hopes that all our customers will learn to love them self unconditionally.

Most of our customers who are starting on their sustainable lifestyle journey or just being more conscious of their purchases, can get quite overwhelmed with the amount of chemicals and waste that is brought into their home. I do all the hard work for you. There is no need to be concerned about the purchases made, as everything is carefully hand crafted with our earth and you as our main priority. Even behind the scenes.

I want you to be able to relax from the rush of everyday life and connect with your inner and higher self. We have a range of products to assist you on your own personal journey.

I hope to be able to keep creating wonderful products for you and to continue to grow as a strong and well known business that all of our customers can connect with, enjoy and share with their loved ones.


Love & Light from Yaz