The Motherhood Journey ~ New Born Baby

The Motherhood Journey ~ New Born Baby

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$2 from every "The Motherhood Journey" candle sold will be donated to The Stillbirth Foundation Australia which is a 100% non for profit charity dedicated to stillbirth research. Stillbirth Foundation Australia's is recognised nationally as a leading voice on stillbirth and represents the voices of thousands of Australian families who have been touched by stillbirth.

A mother, chosen from our highest creator to be a portal between our spiritual and physical realm. To help create, carry and bring new life into the physical world. To teach and love unconditionally.

The motherhood journey is different for every single mother, to each child/ren she is blessed to birth. There is no rules, books or perfection in motherhood. Only unconditional love, guidance and a highly strong intuition. Once you birth a new life into this world we as a mother are also born to.

This is the first 3 of "The motherhood journey" range and is now available for preorder. A beautiful gift for a loved one, best friend or yourself. For an expecting mother, baby shower, a congratulations gift or one to show you're there when a mother may need it most.

Each motherhood journey is different and each candle tells a story of the journey we each individually take.

Newborn Baby: Finally! you never thought the day would come, after your amazing and powerful birth you finally get to see, hold and smell your beautiful baby. The new born bubble where life slows and you soak up every minute. The burst of love you never thought possible while you hold and nurse your life in your arms.

Infused with rose quartz as it is considered to be the stone of unconditional love, it is perfect for new mothers as it promotes motherly instincts and bonding with your baby. It restores trust and harmony in relationships while opening the heart charka. It will promote self love, friendship, feelings of inner healing, calm and peace.

All candles are completely fragrance and aroma free. From pregnancy, birth and beyond, fragrance can play a very large roll (plus it is harmful), from morning sickness, disturbing a resting baby or even become memory trigger. I wanted to keep this collection raw, sustainable and toxic free. All candles come in a beautiful amber jar filled with 100% soy wax and a 100% cotton wick, which insures a clean burn. All candles are topped with ethically sourced and moon charged crystals for clean energy and ready for their new home. All crystals will differ in size and shape.

A burn time of approx 48hours

*please read your candle care cards that come with your candle to insure a safe, clean and long burn time*

*All motherhood journey candles are a pre order item. Shipping will commence the 31st of October*